A Whale of a Time

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We made it to Maui! While sitting on the beach today, we noticed several whales swimming between the islands. Notice the two spays out in the ocean. We saw up to four at the same time.

Technology Evolution

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You know sometimes I get tired of being an early adopter of new technology. It gets expensive. You always end up buying twice it seems lately — once for the first cool release of the product and the second time for the mainstream one that everybody else has. I ordered this armband for my iPod. I got it today but … Read More

The Solution to SPAM?

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I read that Bill Gates was saying one way to fight SPAM was to charge 1 cent everytime you send e-mail. The idea is that spammers would not have the cash to keep up with it. I think there is a better solution — today. Why not use the digital signature capabilities that are in most e-mail clients? With digital … Read More

Where Is The Music?

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Let me preface this by saying I tuned in at the end, but what the hell was that? I turned on the Grammys as we were getting ready for bed last night. First, I saw the usual eulogy section where they show pictures of all the people who died last year. Ok, people die all the time but I swear … Read More

Now Playing: An iTunes for Windows Plugin

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I gave up. Moved to open source on GitHub. Other Editions: iTunes for Mac OS X | Winamp | Windows Media Player Contents Overview Installation Instructions Configuration Schema Frequently Asked Questions Purchase Download Version History Contact Overview The Now Playing plugin allows you to easily publishing what you are listening to! The end result is something that could look like … Read More