Ring Around Maui

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We left on a mission to complete our figure 8 drive around Maui today. The target today was the southern half of the island. We traveled clockwise around the island. The main road trip that all island visitors attempt to conquer is the famous “Road to Hana”. Hana is a small town with no major attractions, but its the journey … Read More

She Has It All Figured Out

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Today we headed out North from our hotel to adventure around Maui. The plan was to drive around the entire upper part of the island in a big clockwise circle. Our first stop was at the Olivene Pools. They say you can swim in them but there wasn’t enough water today. After leaving the pools, the state highway ends and … Read More

Jaws Didn’t Show

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Herb and I spent the morning watching the Daytona 500. It started at 7 AM Hawaiian time. Fun to watch the big race with Herbie. One of these days we will get to Florida for the Great American Race. For now, I guess I can settle for Maui. Some ladies commented that it was a bit crazy to travel all … Read More