Got Some Tail

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Today was our last full day in Maui. We took a dinner cruise tonight put on by the whale foundation. After seeing Maui by car and air, it was time for the view by sea. This is a shot of the Maui coastline near Lahaina.


We saw lots of whales blowing water out of their spouts from a distance. After getting out into the middle of the channel, the captain shutdown the engines and that kicks up some mud on the bottom. They said this attracts the whales — and it did! Suddenly, a mom and baby showed up right next to the boat. Their backs clearly exposed out of the water.


Then they went under the boat. We rushed to the other side and you saw them come out from under the boat as clear as could be. The water is so clear it was like watching them in a pool. The mother’s tail was so large. After they cleared the boat, the baby jumped completely out of the water and splashed down. Wow!


Tomorrow night, we head back home. 🙁