Air Maui

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After driving around Maui, we thought it was time to get up above it. The real attraction for me was getting to go over to another island. Lanai and Molokai are about 10 miles offshore.


We left the airport and headed up through the middle of the northern Maui crater.


There were plenty of waterfalls through the canyon. One set of falls, nicknamed Jurassic Falls, was made famous by its cameo in Jurassic Park. I didn’t get a good picture of those so here is another random picture of a small 1,700 foot fall.


The sea cliffs in Molokai are some of the tallest in the world standing 3,000 feet above sea level. Don’t think there is much successful cliff diving going on over there!


On the north shore of Molokai, our pilot pointed out this completely isolated house way up on a cliff. It wasn’t clear how you could travel to and from this location by land. The pilot said that his company stores jet fuel there in exchange for some free flights to and from Maui for the residents.


This reef off of Molokai was said to be the largest reef in the United States. Looking down inside we saw a huddle of manta rays hanging out. Our pilot said he has seen sharks attacking schools of fish while flying over.


As we crossed the channel to head back to Maui, we saw a couple different pods of whales. Tomorrow, we will be on a boat in the channel so I might get a close up. Finally.