Ring Around Maui

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We left on a mission to complete our figure 8 drive around Maui today. The target today was the southern half of the island. We traveled clockwise around the island. The main road trip that all island visitors attempt to conquer is the famous “Road to Hana”. Hana is a small town with no major attractions, but its the journey there that is the treasure. The road has some 600+ curves in it. You travel at a maximum speed of about 25 miles an hour to travel the 50 miles to Hana. We made a few stops along the way. At one lookout, we saw a whale breaching. Didn’t have the camera ready for that one.

Just before Hana, you arrive at the famed black sand beach. Kim and I were here on our honeymoon 5 years ago. As we descended down to the beach, I noticed the myriad of signs encouraging you to swim here. What else could be lurking in the water?


Its a small beach and from a distance it looks like dirty but the black sand is amazing clean and smooth.


After leaving Hana, we went another 20 miles to get to the Seven Sacred Pools. The pools are cascaded downhill with water flowing from one to the other and finally out into the ocean. You can swim in the pools for a nice mid-trip refresher.


When leaving the pools, we decided to continue the journey around the island instead of turning back like most do. The maps say you are not supposed to take your rental car that way. Um, what map? The southern most portion of the island is pretty desolate. Its a small 2-way mostly 1-lane road. We had quite a caravan of cars traveling around us.


Along the route, there were plenty of cool places to stop and gander.


Finally, we made it back home. A full journey around the island completed. One person in the car noted that we spent more time in the car today than it took us to fly to Hawaii. It was worth it. Tomorrow, we are going to see the island from the sky.