She Has It All Figured Out

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Today we headed out North from our hotel to adventure around Maui. The plan was to drive around the entire upper part of the island in a big clockwise circle. Our first stop was at the Olivene Pools. They say you can swim in them but there wasn’t enough water today.


After leaving the pools, the state highway ends and it turns into a 2-way 1-lane road. Its a windy road up on the cliffside. Many of the hairpin turns have mirrors mounted on them so you can see if anybody is coming the other direction. When you come up on another car, somebody has to back up or pull off and up the side of the hill so you can squeeze by each other. Its called the Road to Kahakuloa.


At one little village, there was a small roadside stand. The sign out front said, “Best Banana Bread on the Planet”. A Hawaiian woman working inside welcomed us in and gave us the story on the banana bread but all I could focus on was the economic genius of the banana bread lady. Let me explain. She has a zero maintenance shack on the side of the road. Cars are pulling off as they approach from both directions. She sells 70 loaves of bread each day by noon and then she is done for the day. Each loaf is $5. She works 7 days a week. 70*5*365 = $127,750 a year. So working half days, this lady is making six figures and I don’t think Uncle Sam knows she is out there. Neither does the board of health for that matter. I am in the wrong line of work I guess. Herb and I were so busy chatting about the banana bread business plan that I forgot a picture.

At the next stop, I was sitting in the car when two curious Hawaiian dogs came up and said hi — right in my window.


Carole made us stop at Curly’s fruit stand near the end of the trip. When she walked over, there was a drunk cowboy in the tent waving the flies off the fruit and hollering, “C’mon in!”. Carole sensing this wasn’t the highest rated stop on the tour decided to back-pedal to the car — which Herb had kept running.

Another adventure completed.