Where Is The Music?

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Let me preface this by saying I tuned in at the end, but what the hell was that? I turned on the Grammys as we were getting ready for bed last night. First, I saw the usual eulogy section where they show pictures of all the people who died last year. Ok, people die all the time but I swear the showed about 100 pictures. As they went on, the references became more and more obscure. Maybe I am too young, but I only recognized or could appreciate about 3 of the people in the list. When they start saying someone was a song writer or a composer or producer of music, its a stretch. Sure the people can be memorialized but is it really primetime TV material? I don’t know who wrote, composed or produced any of my top 10 albums. I don’t really feel my life is lacking. Oh well. The next segment should be better, right?

Next, some Grammy producer-type guy comes out and gives a shout out to some guy who worked there for 34 years. Ok, great. Who is that guy? Why 34 years? Oh, its the 9th anniversary of his 25th year of service. Got it. Next. So then the guy goes on to talk about how politicans are missing the boat on not putting more money into music programs in schools. Now let me say I am more of a science guy, but is putting money into school music programs really where budgets could go? Our kids here in town couldn’t go to school last year for some days because the system was bankrupt. I always hear about kids not being able to read. Teachers are underpaid. More after-school programs seem to keep kids out of trouble. College prep isn’t such a bad thing. There are a lot of diseases in the world, engineering problems to solve, etc. So why music? You listen to music to feel better sometimes, but it doesn’t solve the root problem. I don’t think that Kid Rock and OutKast really gave a crap out their school music program. Rockers aren’t going to march with the band. Obviously, the entire crowd disagreed and applauded this. Whatever. Of course, musicians live in their own reality.

Oh, so then the guy goes on to talk about their new public service announcement about illegal downloads. They showed a new commerical about a girl downloading a song on a Mac, when it completed they played a Windows chime, then some nightclub where the same song was playing went dark because somebody stole their song. Whatever. Why couldn’t they just promote some of the legal alternatives? Tell me what I should do, not what I shouldn’t do. Oh and I don’t think illegal downloads will stop until they take MTV Cribs off the air. I mean who needs a Hummer, 12 sports cars, and 6 motorcyles? You aren’t going to miss my 99 cents. Sure, there are lots of starving musicians but that isn’t who kids are downloading. The majority of sharing is people downloading songs from artists they heard of in the top 100.

When radio was invented, the musicians all freaked because they didn’t understand how they could ever make any money because they weren’t there to perform. Someone had to clue them in that if you didn’t have to travel and your music still played and you got paid, you could make more than you do right now. Amazing. Its like we have to drag the musicians to the fountain of money ever few decades. I wish they would have changed the commerical so when the girl finished the download somebody from the RIAA came in a slapped her with a lawsuit that drained her college savings fund. But its ok, she learned music in school. I am sure she will get a great job and still appreciate music.