Time To Update The Network

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It takes me a long time to get my computing environment setup the way I like it and now its got to change. Its been working perfectly for the last few years. The new twist is the addition of my Cisco VPN networking equipment. Turns out due to some bug in IOS, you can’t put the Cisco VPN 831 router behind a firewall. Oops. The bug is supposed to be fixed by summer.

So now what do I do. After lots of thinking and discussions, it appears the strategy is to get another static IP address from my ISP. Turns out I lease a /29 subnet and I can have up to 5 public static IPs. Cool. So now instead of having my Linksys router at the end of my antennae, I am going to put a switch. Need to buy another Linksys switch…we get employee discounts on Linksys gear. Great perk for a geek.

Anyway, then I can plug my Cisco VPN router and my Linksys router into that and have 2 networks within the house. I have to have 2 networks because Cisco policy is that you cannot do split tunneling while connected to their network. Its a simple security rule that saves lots of time and money. Its ok…except I can’t see printers on one network from the other but I am going to solve that one with Bluetooth eventually.

So now the final problem is that I only have one Cat5 line running into my office from the data room. I should have known that wouldn’t be enough. So this weekend I have to run another. Why not wireless you ask? Wireless is too damn slow for my home network. I shuffle video around. And I can’t use it for the Cisco network for obvious security reasons. So I am going to run 100 ft. of Cat5 this weekend to make that happen.

Watching The Screen Savers last night, I learned that you have to have Cat5e or Cat6 if you ever want to run gigabit Ethernet. Did not know that. Linksys now has gigabit switches. Maybe I should make the move.