Superbowl of Crap

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So what was with Janet Jackson’s boob hanging out last night? I love TiVo. I saw it and hit pause, rewind, slow motion, yes, we have a nipple. I am a guy. Boobs are ok with me but something about that time and place didn’t feel right. It was accidental according to this press release. But after studying it last night, what was Justin trying to do with his hand anyway? Don’t you think the Jackson’s should be on their best behavior right now? I am glad Michael didn’t come out for a surprise appearance on a float with the player’s kids.


So then there are the commercials. Bill Maher pointed out the hypocrisy of these Friday night on his show. CBS and the NFL turned down quite a few advocacy ads this year because they stated they don’t run advocacy ads during the Superbowl. Well, after watching game last night, I saw plenty of advocacy ads. I saw one for drinking until your liver rots. Another one for eating until you are obese. And many others about talking a pill to get a woody. What are those advocating? Fat, drunk, horny men. Yep, we need more of those.

Now, the game? Oh, that was awesome. Too bad it came down too the crappy kickoff to decide it. Let’s get back to the game. All this hoopla is what makes people hate it.