Got My Ass Kicked By a Girl

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Brian, Kalle and I went karting tonight at SpeedRing. After our previous race for the Latitude Cup, we said it was going to be just practice but everybody is always all out. They just resurfaced the track last week so it wasn’t the same for me. Some people did much better but I did a lot worse. I was constantly … Read More

An Evening in Silicon Valley

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Back in San Jose today. Had to visit two of my favorite stops. These remain at the top of my short “I miss California because…” list. First, the best Mexican food on the planet. Kim and Eric, I bet your mouth is watering. And the geek mecca. I just wandered around for a while wishing I had more money and … Read More

Got Some Tail

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Today was our last full day in Maui. We took a dinner cruise tonight put on by the whale foundation. After seeing Maui by car and air, it was time for the view by sea. This is a shot of the Maui coastline near Lahaina. We saw lots of whales blowing water out of their spouts from a distance. After … Read More

Burn Baby Burn

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So on day 1 in Maui, Grandpa Ron says something to the effect of “macho men don’t need suntan lotion”. I think he was too busy with his crossword puzzle. So he ends up sitting next to Herbie (the tanning freak of nature) for quite a few hours. The next morning Ron is so sore he can’t move. This picture, … Read More

Air Maui

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After driving around Maui, we thought it was time to get up above it. The real attraction for me was getting to go over to another island. Lanai and Molokai are about 10 miles offshore. We left the airport and headed up through the middle of the northern Maui crater. There were plenty of waterfalls through the canyon. One set … Read More