Copper Mountain

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Today, we headed up to Copper Mountain, which is sort of between Breckenridge and Vail. Its a cool place right off I-70. We parked just feet away from the lifts so it was quick in and quick out.

Here are Natalee and Brian as we head up the lifts. It was about 20 degrees most of the day although it got chilly on the way up the lifts with the wind.


I love skiing during the week. You are all alone out there!


I was surprised how many runs Copper had that allowed you to cut through the trees. It was nice.


Ok, action shot! Here is Natalee moving down her newly mastered blue runs. Later in the day, I convinced Natalee that we should head down this black run and it wouldn’t be that bad. It really was a good starter black run but she didn’t think it was funny. Gotta get these kids to continue to step up their game. She handled it well. Now she can get out of anything.


Then comes Brian. He only had one misadventure in the trees today. We had good luck on paths mostly but then on one he went to far and ended up waist deep and had to climb back up and out. Needless to say, climbing out of waist deep snow at 11,000 feet is a pretty good aerobic exercise. He was easy to find though because we heard him yelling, “Helicopter, Helicopter, Helicopter”.


Copper was a great place to ski. I enjoyed it. Not as many runs as some of the other spots in the state, but it definitely had a nice set of runs for beginners off to the West. I would encourage newbies to try it out. We made it up to the 12,000 foot summit but there was another point that was higher. It was all blacks from there. Saving something for next time!