Metallica: Sure Beats Bowling

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For many years when we were kids, my family would go bowling on New Year’s Eve. Man, was that fun. You got to party with the adults and bowl all night long! But last night here in Vegas had to move into the number one spot on my list.

We headed out from our hotel and walked down the center of Las Vegas Blvd. All traffic was cleared and people were partying in the streets. I took sort of a wrong turn to get to the Hard Rock but we finally made it.


This place isn’t that big. 1,400 people they say. The only complaint is that the stage is low and the different seating sections are flat within. So if you are few rows deep in a section you can’t see as well as you would like for as small as this place is. They have a full service bar running in the back of the place. I am surprised there are no slot machines in here.


Metallica showed up about 10:30 and started churning out the classics.


About 10 seconds before midnight, they finished singing “One” and then James did the countdown from 10. I think we was busy rocking and forgot the time. He mentioned that it was a bad night to forget your watch. Party hats on, Metallica came back out and played another hour plus.


See you guys in March in Denver! And Happy…I mean Heavy New Year to all!