More Skiing

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Went to Eldora today. It snowed all day long. Here are Natalee and Brian on the way up behind me. We just went up for the afternoon ski and we still got over a dozen runs in. My ski buddies head home tomorrow.

More Hummer Haters

Hummer58 Comments

Eric shot me this link today of yet another Hummer Fan Club. This one is really cool. Basically, the club encourages people to show the #1 sign whenever they see a Hummer. You can even submit a picture of you giving the #1 sign to a Hummer. What nice people!

Copper Mountain

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Today, we headed up to Copper Mountain, which is sort of between Breckenridge and Vail. Its a cool place right off I-70. We parked just feet away from the lifts so it was quick in and quick out. Here are Natalee and Brian as we head up the lifts. It was about 20 degrees most of the day although it … Read More

Hummer H3T

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Browsing some Hummer sites and I saw the concept car for the H3. More pictures over there. Not sure that I would want one of these but if they make a cool Hummer at a low price point, I bet it would be a favorite!