Movable Type and Windows Media Player

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Got an e-mail from David this morning asking how I did the “Now Playing” sidebar item on my blog. I originally did all this work for integrating Radio Userland and Windows Media Player. That is how I stumbled onto this solution. If you don’t use Windows Media Player, this won’t help you. Sorry. I switch around my players so maybe … Read More

Looking for a Gunman in a Ruffled Shirt

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So for my birthday last week, my folks gave me some special gifts like only they can. First off was a children’s book about poop for me to read to Sydney. Little did they know, this is the second children’s book on poop that we have. The first one, titled Perry Poops, is about a rabbit that craps all over … Read More

Call Me

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I am getting way into Internet telephony these days. Yeah, my regular phone works just fine. It just seems much cooler to talk over the Internet — maybe the Cisco acquistion is rubbing off on me. At work, we now have a Crystal Voice server. You can use it to place calls as if you were on the corporate PBX. … Read More

Screw You, Wendy’s

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To remind you, I have been dieting. A staple in my rotation has been the Southwest Casear Salad from Wendy’s — until today. We went to Wendy’s and the salad was off the menu. Oh no. “Why?”, I asked. “Because its a seasonal item. It will probably return in the Spring or Summer.” Shit. 🙁 One major pet peeve I … Read More