Top 10

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My Movable Type plugin, MTPhotoGallery, has moved into the top 10 most popular plugins available on It hasn’t been around as long as some of the others so it really rocketed up the charts. I will never be a rock star so this is my Billboard chart I guess.

The Ring of Fire

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I am all for stunts. The fire is impressive but the ramp is only about 14 inches off the ground. I used to build bigger ramps for my dirt bike when I was 8 years old.

Hummer Happening: Ranch Tour

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Today, we went on another Hummer Happening. For a reminder, these events are thrown by our Hummer dealership for anyone with a Hummer. Great chance to get out there and meet some people with similar interests. We met at the normal spot down in Golden and then caravaned up Clear Creek Canyon until we hit Smith Hill Road just outside … Read More

You Are Giving Us a Bad Name

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No, this isn’t me. We walked out of dinner tonight and saw a fellow H2 owner parked up on a snow bank — because he could. Kim always gets a kick out of this mentality where H2 owners have to show everybody that they can do something crazy just because they can. Enough already. We’ve seen the commercials. Park in … Read More

My New Mac

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Not. I have been playing with my laptop lately. When you can’t get a new machine, you start making your old machine more exciting. So I was messing around and started down this path of Windows XP Themes. Most folks have seen these before when Microsoft does them. Its nothing new. Until now — people are putting serious effort into … Read More