Please Slow Down

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Remember how I got that ticket back in May because of my Mom? 😉 Well, today on the way to catch our flight, Kim was pulled over on the airport property. She came off the 65 MPH highway onto a 45 MPH offramp and never really slowed down. She knew better but didn’t follow her intuition. All of a sudden a truck cop flips around and comes after us. Damn it. Its not going to be pretty when neither of Sydney’s parents have a driver’s license.

So he comes to the window and asks, “Do you have any idea how fast you were going and what the speed limit is?”. Kim replies, “I have no idea”. Seemed like the wrong answer to me. Kim’s drivers license was in her bag in the trunk so she asked permission to go and get it. She opens the trunk and not to scary Sydney in the back seat too much, she says all kinds of calming motherly stuff to her.

Kim gets back in the car. We sit there for a moment. Then the officer comes back to the window and says, “I am only going to give you a warning. Please slow down.” Geez! Ok, I am glad I don’t have to pay a fine but what’s the deal with woman getting out of tickets. And right at the end of the month when officers normally are trying to fill up their quota!

Ok, I am just going to take Sydney with me everywhere I go now as an insurance policy against future tickets.