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Current version is released on 2004-05-22



A few years ago, I worked with Eric to develop a MeetingPlace browser toolband for Internet Explorer. Now, Google has gone and developed the desktop toolbar that everyone is talking about. So I decided that MeetingPlace needed one too!

So Eric shot me some pointers on sample code and with a little work, the MeetingPlace Deskbar is born! So if you are an avid MeetingPlace user, this utility is a must have.

MeetingPlace Deskbar

From the MeetingPlace Deskbar, you can attend, find and schedule meetings on your MeetingPlace server. It will even pop up alerts telling you that your meeting is about to start!

MeetingPlace Deskbar Toast

This utility is not supported by Cisco. They will have no clue what you are talking about if you call the support department. This is just a personal project. Leave comments here if you have questions, feature requests or just want to say thanks!

Installation Instructions

  1. Run the installer.
  2. Activate the toolbar by right-clicking on the Windows taskbar in a blank space. It will bring up a menu that has a Toolbars menu on it. Select that menu and then choose MeetingPlace. This will activate the toolbar.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why did you do this?

    A. I was bored. No. I thought it would be a cool application. I attend lots and lots of meetings everyday and I want things to be as easy as possible.


This plugin is controlled by the following license:

Creative Commons License


Download the current version from the link below. Past versions are not archived.

Version history — 2004-05-22
  • Changed Latitude references to Cisco.
  • Fixed bug where multiple notifiations appear when server does not have components installed. — 2003-12-18
  • Added username and password to configuration.
  • Added software update alert via RSS.
  • Added alerts for the start of meetings.
  • Enhanced call me option to work without “remember me” and act silently. — 2003-12-05
  • Fixed issue where deskbar was not reappearing after reboot.
  • Added call me option.
  • Added about menu item for deskbar.
  • Added MeetingPlace text when deskbar is empty. — 2003-12-30
  • Works for me.

To Do

  • Your suggestions!


For questions, suggestions, bug reports, and anything else related to the MeetingPlace Deskbar, please e-mail or leave a comment.