Limpin’ With The Bizkit

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Tonight, Kim & I went on date #2 since the birth of Sydney. Once again, it was time to rock out. Last time, we got the Fuller Grandparents to watch Sydney while we went to Metallica. Tonight, it was the Coburn Grandparents.

The concert was at the University of Denver in Magness Arena. Its a very small stadium. They play hockey there. Great place for show. This arena was the biggest on the entire tour.

I took a few pictures with my camera phone but they suck. I am not doing the best and holding this damn thing still or something when I take the pictures. Obviously, the lighting is hard to get right as well.


Here Fred was about 5 feet away from us. Fred loves to move around the arena. Tonight, he showed up in the middle of the floor on this small platform. It was pretty cool. I still say he is one of the best showmen out there.


We left in the middle of Korn to beat the traffic back out. The one ironic thing is that during Limp’s set everyone sung every single song. Then you went into the bathroom and some dudes are yelling “Fuck the Bizkit”. Ok. Then you go out to see Korn and people aren’t singing the songs. What’s the deal with that?