Acquisition #82

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So yesterday was a landmark day work-wise. Let me explain. Right now, I am blogging this at 12:01 AM PST. A press release has just dropped on the wire. The news is now public — Latitude Communications will be acquired by Cisco Systems.

Latitude was Cisco acquisition number 82. Let me put that in perspective. Cisco has a division — probably bigger than Latitude — that has the sole job of facilitating this integrations. For Cisco, this is a science at this point.

Latitude has been working for 10 years on conferencing and collaboration. I have been a part of that for 5 years now. In the last few years, our marketspace has been heating up. You have lots of consolidations going on. Microsoft bought one of our competitors, PlaceWare. WebEx continues to get bigger. Names like Macromedia and Polycom are taking bites of the space. Its a busy place.

Latitude has been growing at a decent pace but even if we continued that with our revenue run rate, it doesn’t even compare to the budgets of these larger players. So we decided to change the game on our terms. Cisco is a great fit for us. We have worked with them for years. Now, we will have the power of a 20 billion dollar company with 34,000 employees working with us. Its going to be a lot different.

We will see how things will change over the coming months but a new adventure has just begun. As one person said today — “Today was the end of the beginning for Latitude”. Again, the local church put up a sign.