MeetingPlace Deskbar

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Current version is released on 2004-05-22 Contents Overview Installation Instructions Frequently Asked Questions License Download Version History To Do Contact Overview A few years ago, I worked with Eric to develop a MeetingPlace browser toolband for Internet Explorer. Now, Google has gone and developed the desktop toolbar that everyone is talking about. So I decided that MeetingPlace needed one … Read More

Hey Buddy, Can I Get a Jerk?

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Today was my birthday. Herb and Carole are visiting. Haven’t seen them on my birthday in years. Its nice to have something to do on my birthday. Usually, it falls just after Thanksgiving and its a pretty boring time. Today, we decided to head out and do a little backcountry touring. We had a nice drive up to Rollinsville. Thought … Read More

The Nuggets Aren’t So Bad

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It used to be a running joke around Denver: I got pulled over today and the cop gave me a ticket — to a Nuggets game! So not anymore. Tonight we paid for seats to see the Nuggets. Things changed around here after last year’s NBA draft and Carmelo Anthony came to town. Now every kid has a 15 jersey … Read More