Moffat Road and Jenny Creek Trail

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I decided to do a little trail scouting today. You see — with OHV trails you never quite know where they are and how good they are. So I like to go and find them and ride them all by myself before taking other folks. So today I headed out to Rollinsville. This town is literally a train junction with a liquor store.


Anyway, I got off the highway and headed down unpaved road towards Rollins Pass and the trailhead for Moffat Road. Along the way, you could see that the aspens have turned a bright yellow already for the fall.


I decided to drive past the Moffat Road trailhead to see what was around the bend. I ran into the Moffat Tunnel which is the end of the road. You used to be able to ride ATVs through the tunnel but after 9/11, they don’t let you anymore. There was a big sign telling you that. Now only trains and people on foot can go through it. Hmm…so I can’t drive a load of explosives in there anymore but if a group of us can carry enough of them, that is ok? Whatever. I saw two pretty long UPRR trains go through here. I think this is one of the big East to West train routes.


Back to the trailhead. Here was the sign at the entrance. In addition to the sign, its obvious this is the entrance to the trail because there were about 20 Jeeps there airing down for the ride. I decided to park here and ride the ATV up.


About 5 miles up the road, you see the entrace to FDR 502, otherwise known as Jenny Creek Trail. The Colorado Hummer Club is riding here next week and I am thinking about going. Well, after seeing it, the name Creek Trail is well deserved. This is literally a drive up a creek. The water is flowing nicely — even at this time of year. The trail follows along the creek until it ends up rejoining the Moffat Road some 5 miles later.


Once I returned to the Moffat Road, I began heading up the road towards the summit.


This road used to go all the way to Winter Park but now the tunnel at the end is permanently closed for some reason. When you reach the end of the trail, you are just over 13,500 ft. in elevation. Pretty nice ride up I must say. There are a few lakes towards the top that would be fun to kick back by during the summer. This is the first time I have been above the tree line on the ATV before. Unfortunately, the clouds rolled in and it got really cold pretty fast. I think it was in the mid-40s up there and I wasn’t really dressed for it. So I began the descent back down to the truck.


Well, 26 miles later, I found my rig back where I left it. I packed up and headed home. Moffat Road is a great place to ride. Lots of different stuff to see. I definitely want to ride there again next summer when its warm enough to just lay around by one of the lakes.