PDC 2003: Back Home

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I got out of LA at 6 AM today. No delays. PDC was a blast. See you all again at the next one! Here was a picture I found of the Segway trials in the exhibit hall at PDC. At the attendee party on the final night, we were riding the escalator and we saw Don Box. The funny part … Read More

PDC 2003: Day 3

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Found this article about the trouble and the extents developers went to in order to get down here to the PDC. They had Segway scooters here to ride but the lines where always too long. I wanted to try it out. The auto-balancing looks pretty weird in person. Today, I learned about the new Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Office. … Read More

PDC 2003: Still Two Metaphors

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Here at the PDC, Microsoft keeps talking about how its stupid to have the “web world” and the “Windows application world”. Both are completely separate and you have different tools, navigations, etc. in each. They claim they want to merge the two worlds. Today, I realized that with the introduction of XAML that they have redeveloped yet another divide. All … Read More

PDC 2003: Day 2

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So first off, last night I had dinner with Eric and Tim. Tim brought along 3 other guys from his Microsoft team. After we do introductions, the one guy with Tim goes…”Latitude, I interviewed with them some time ago. I talked with some guy named…Brandon”. I see Eric pointing at me. Oops. The bad news was that we didn’t hire … Read More

PDC 2003: Day 1

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Today was the first day of the Microsoft PDC here in Los Angeles. Its basically all the big Microsoft geeks in the same building at the same time. So this morning, Bill Gates ran through lots of cool demos of Longhorn, the next Microsoft O/S. A lot of the stuff was snazzy stuff that kinda made things more Mac-like if … Read More