Its a Car, No a Boat

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I thought the Hummer was cool because it could drive through deep water. Screw that — get up on top of the water! CBBC Newsround | SCI TECH | Car that can drive on water!

Passing Through

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It seems that my home has become a stopping point for cross-country travelers. Last night, Luke Ma dropped in to crash here. He is driving from Rhode Island to Santa Barbara, CA in his car with 2 buddies who are along for the ride. Luke worked for me at Latitude a few summers ago. He is a really smart kid … Read More

And Then The Rains Came

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I should have checked the weather before I left for Indiana! Man, we had one nice day and then it started raining and never stopped. It was raining when I left this morning. The lawn at the lake had puddles of water everywhere. I love returning to Indiana — makes me appreciate that I live in Colorado.