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I prefer to listen to recorded music from concerts vs. studio recordings. So I buy a lot of in-concert CDs and DVDs. Lately, most bands seem to be only releasing the concert DVD. Unfortunately, its not easy for most of us to play DVDs in the car. So here is my guide to converting the audio from DVD to CD. … Read More

Your HOA Can Suck It

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Today, 9-11, I ran across this article which mixed in one of my favorite topics of late: HOAs (that is home owners association for all you apartment dwellers). WorldNetDaily: Flag-flying Marine vet could lose home So my HOA is up to its ears in a legal battle with our developer but at the same time our neighboring community’s HOA hates … Read More

I Hate Football

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Since the NASCAR race was on Saturday night this week, I decided to indulge in the Sunday night NFL game between the R-A-Y-D-A-Z and the Titans. That is when the trouble began. Football always seems to have so many bad calls that are seemingly clear when watched via replay but the officials never get them right. And they have this … Read More

Roll Baby, Roll

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Today was the last day of bachelorhood. The ladies are returning home from Indiana tomorrow morning. I decided to take my new neighbor out on the ATVs. He has ridden many times before so I figured he would be a quick study. We went to Lefthand Canyon. If you have ever ridden with me on a visit here, you have … Read More