Button Rock

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We took Sydney for her first hike today. On the way into the park, I had some hippee give me the #1 sign as we drove in. Then on the way out, some other guy gave me the shaking-my-fist-at-you move. When driving the H2, you either get the “hey, cool truck” look or the “hey, evil earth-trashing gas-sucking maggot SOB” look. I wish I had the grappling hook on the truck like the Batmobile does. Then I could drag their asses down the road a bit. Its a free country dude. Leave me alone. Back to something more calming…


At the top, there was this cool jet coming out of the bottom of the dam that shot the water into the stream. I think it might kill you if you tried to get in front of it. It was pretty cool looking. I think its the larget and most high powered nozzle I have ever seen.