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I prefer to listen to recorded music from concerts vs. studio recordings. So I buy a lot of in-concert CDs and DVDs. Lately, most bands seem to be only releasing the concert DVD. Unfortunately, its not easy for most of us to play DVDs in the car. So here is my guide to converting the audio from DVD to CD. The legality of this borderline. If they would just publish on CD, I would buy that instead so whatever. You still got my money.

1. Get a copy of DVD Decrypter. This tool will take the tracks off the DVD and decrypt them and write them to your computer’s hard drive. Make sure you have a lot of free hard drive space since you essentially copying the DVD to your hard drive. The user interface for the software is pretty simple. I never change any of the defaults.

2. Get a copy of Ac3 Decode. The user interface is very simple. Change the mode to Convert to wav. Over in the right hand side, you drag and drop in the files you converted in step #1. So go into the folder created in step #1 and find all the .VOB files and drag and drop them into Ac3 Decode. It starts right away creating the .WAV files.

3. Finally, use your favorite CD burning software and create an audio CD with the .WAV files that you created. Depending on your DVD’s size you may or may not be able to fit it all on one music CD. Choose the tracks as you wish.

And that’s it. I pieced this guide together from many other sources on the web over the last few months as I learned how to do this. Hopefully, this quick 3 step guide with the exact tools will get you going quickly.