Roll Baby, Roll

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Today was the last day of bachelorhood. The ladies are returning home from Indiana tomorrow morning. I decided to take my new neighbor out on the ATVs. He has ridden many times before so I figured he would be a quick study. We went to Lefthand Canyon. If you have ever ridden with me on a visit here, you have ridden there. Its the closest place to my house.

Right out of the shoot, we were riding very quickly. Awesome. Got out to the overlook and then it started to rain. Caught up to a motocross dude who pointed out a trail that I hadn’t ever tried. So we went for it. It was pretty tough at the start. Straight up. The front wheels kept popping off the ground. After a long climb up some very rocky but fun trail, we ended up back at the overlook. Its so fun to ride the same place but find new paths each time. Its like Christmas morning! On the 2nd time back down from the overlook, we veered off on another trail which I had no idea where it went. It steeply went downhill. Nice and wide and fast! After a few miles we came to a deserted mine shaft. Cool. We rode down more and started wondering where the hell we were. Finally, we hit the highway which wasn’t really supposed to happen. We ended up just driving back down the highway a good 6 miles until we found the truck. Whoops. Glad the cops were not there for that one.

Since we ended up so far away from the end of the trail we decided to go up again because we didn’t get to go through Carnage Canyon. We drove back up to the top of the canyon and to our dismay we found a Bronco stuck in the middle of the tighest part. Here is a picture of this part from a previous trip. Obviously, we couldn’t get through. So in my ulitmate wisdom, I decided that we should try this very short ridgeline that would cut around the Bronco. Problem is that the entry to the ridgeline is wide enough for a motocross bike — not an ATV. I got 1/2 way up and things started going bad. My left front tire got pinned and the machine wouldn’t move. When I hit the gas, the back end started to slide around. If I let off the brakes, the whole thing was going sideways down the hill. I am stuck. On a snowmobile you can hit the gas and usually dig it out. So I gave it one last push — and that is when the shit hit the fan. I felt the machine going over and I jumped off and up the hill. The machine went tumbling down the hill. It did one complete 360 flip and landed — ta da — right side up and about 1 foot from the truck sitting at the bottom. A little damage to the display — again — but otherwise no scratches on me or the machine. I think I freaked my neighbor out. We decided to throw in the towel and turned around and headed back down the way we came in.

So that is 2 ATV flips in 2 years. Not too bad I guess. Always feels good to walk away and be able to say “Guess I shouldn’t have tried that move”. I love Lefthand Canyon. Its so technical and it gets better with every ride.