Passing Through

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It seems that my home has become a stopping point for cross-country travelers. Last night, Luke Ma dropped in to crash here. He is driving from Rhode Island to Santa Barbara, CA in his car with 2 buddies who are along for the ride. Luke worked for me at Latitude a few summers ago. He is a really smart kid — maybe too smart. He has decided to pursue a PhD in Music Theory. I still do not quite understand this career change from computers but if that is what makes you happy, go for it I guess. Hope it pays well. All I know about music is that Metallica Kicks Ass and stuff like that. I think that should be a theory or at least a rule or law or something. Oh well, I took the dudes down to Pearl Street to give them a taste of the area. On the way out, I was wise enough to give them a copy of the Flamingo. They are heading west and are going through lots of places of interest on the way. I am going to win the Flamingo picture contest….hint…Vegas. I took a picture of Luke with his camera phone but it wouldn’t send for some reason. Once he figures it out and sends it, I will post it here.