Heil Ranch

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We took Sydney for another hike today at Heil Ranch. On the hike we saw this rock that I thought looked like a dog’s face. Kim thought it was more like a frog. What do you think?

Ring In The New Year with ‘Tallica

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So today I scored 2 tickets to see the 4 horsemen, Metallica, live in concert on New Years Eve in Vegas. Yeah, ‘Tallica, baby. Yeah, Vegas, baby. I have never seen a concert at 1,400-seat hall known as The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel but I hear its pretty awesome. For the last few New Year Eve’s I have … Read More

MT-W3CValidator: A Movable Type Plugin

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Current version is released on 2007-04-17 Contents What This Plugin Does Requirements Installation Instructions How To Use The Tags Frequently Asked Questions Examples Donate License Download Version History Contact What This Plugin Does This plugin will validate your web pages on the fly when published from Movable Type. The validation is done live against the W3C’s Markup Validation Service … Read More

Funked Up

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So tonight was the big game — Broncos vs. Raiders. Living in the Denver area as I do, its key for the Raiders to win this game so that the Broncos fans shut up all season. Well tonight, the Raiders continued their streak of not delivering. This streak started — well, the day of the Super Bowl last year. And … Read More

Button Rock

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We took Sydney for her first hike today. On the way into the park, I had some hippee give me the #1 sign as we drove in. Then on the way out, some other guy gave me the shaking-my-fist-at-you move. When driving the H2, you either get the “hey, cool truck” look or the “hey, evil earth-trashing gas-sucking maggot SOB” … Read More