iPod: Not For Runners

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I have been running more and more lately and decided it was time to leave my old Rio at home and take my iPod with me. Normally, I just use the iPod for travel & in the car, but its got all those songs and I am sick of my Rio. Anyway, I get about 200 feet from my house and it freezes up. Hmm…I “reboot” it. Jog another 500 feet then the same thing happens. After a week of fiddling with this, I started holding it and that seemed to work. Although, this presents a problem because holding something while you run is about the worst idea your back ever wanted to hear. I doubled checked and the iPod marketing materials are sure to point out that the iPod is for active people and it claims to have 20 minutes worth of buffer. They even say “(yes, minutes)” after it.

Pissed off I call the customer support center. Now, I love this crap where after 90 days if you call and have a problem they want $49. “Isn’t it under warranty still”, I ask. “Yes, sir.” “Why do I have to pay then?” “If you want to talk with someone that is how it works.” Whatever. I paid — for now.

After talking with the confused first tier support — wait, why do I always have to talk with first tier and convince the moron that I am not a moron. “I tried everything before calling, dude.” Anyway, I finally got a guy that put me on hold forever but he was actually off running around asking. He came back and explained to me that the iPod has an internal hard drive and its vibration sensitive. I might expect this behavior when jogging with an iPod. So I decided I had to point of the fact that Apple is the one that decided to put a hard drive in their MP3 player and brag to everyone about how well it works. But now that it does not, he is telling me its not designed for that? Then, I explained the buffering statement from the box to him. Off he went to ask about that one. Came back to the phone with “that buffer is per song”. What? How many fucking 20 minute songs do I have in my collection? Mmmm, none.

I then asked to go back to customer service. I demanded my refund for service and they gave in and called the call non-billable.

iPods are still great but not for active people I guess. Today, I took the armband off my Motorola Walkie-Talkie and strapped the iPod to my arm really tight and ran 5 miles. Not a single skip. Now, if I can just figure out how to get the circulation in my arm going again, I will be great!

If this account helps influence you to buy or not buy an iPod, leave a comment. My hope is that Apple will figure out this is a problem and will correct it.