Metallica: Its Loud in Denver

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Babysitter. Check. Tickets. Check. Wife. Check. Let’s roll! Summer Sanitarium pulled into the Mile High City yesterday. Show started at 3pm. I got great sets through MetClub in the 8th row on the side!  We missed the first two acts on purpose and rolled in right for the start of Linkin Park. Man, are they good in concert. This was my 2nd time seeing them.  All the folks there that don’t like them that much or haven’t seen them were all commenting how good they were in the bathroom line afterwards. Its amazing that Chester can scream like that day after day and not be out of a job. After they finished their set, it was time for the Bizkit. Never seen Bizkit in concert and as I figured Fred did not disappoint. He is a true MC — always getting the crowd into it. At one point, Fred decided he needed a beer. At which point, he jumped down off the stage, surrounded by security, and moved through the crowd singing. He got back to the beer stand that was at the back of the floor, got his beer and pounded it. They had big screen camera feeds following him so it was cool. It was like the concert shifted to the back of the floor. Fred proceed to climb onto the beer truck and get the fans going nearby and then cut into song. Pretty cool.   When Fred finished, we waited for Metallica.  As always, the ladies decided to entertain the men.  Fred had told them all that is was their job earlier.

After dark, the pre-show Metallica started up. We could see Lars backstage from where we where. He was jumping up and down and air drumming. If you didn’t know who he was you might think he was some weirdo that got backstage. They killed the lites and the boyz hit the stage hard with — (eric?) — B-A-T-T-E-R-Y. It was an old school night. I swear they didn’t play anything recent (10 years) for about 60 minutes until they got into Frantic.  They had some cool pyro again which was fun but suprising with James being prone to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Kim was a little bumbed because she likes the newer stuff better than the older.  Nah.  So the set list these days:

  • Battery

  • Master of Puppets

  • Harvester of Sorrow

  • Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

  • For Whom The Bell Tolls

  • Frantic

  • Sad But True

  • St. Anger

  • No Remorse

  • Seek and Destroy

  • Blackened

  • Fuel

  • Nothing Else Matters

  • Creeping Death

  • One

  • Enter Sandman

I have seen and heard these guys live so many times now, I usually am dead on with what “extras” James is going to throw in the song.  I would yell them and the dude next to me thought I was psychic — that’s not on the record!?!?!?  The one different gimic was when Kirk & Lars switched instruments and belted our parts of Nothing Else Matters.  Lars picked the guitar like he knew what to do but was told how to do it and had been practicing.  It was pretty cool.  Also, Rob continues to impress me.  He is awesome.

Overall, great show.  What was that — show #7 or 8 for me?  They are talking about doing a smaller venue tour in the winter.  When do tickets go on sale???