On Top of Colorado — Almost

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So yesterday while ATVing I start telling Ben about the legendary Long’s Peak trek of 2001 that Natalee and I made.  Then I started telling Ben how the next big one I want to climb is Mt. Elbert, which stands at 14,433 ft.  Its ONLY the 2nd largest mountain in the lower 48 states….but the deceiving part is that its … Read More

Out for a Drive

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Ben Coburn, my brother-in-law, is visiting and I thought I would expose him to how we like to ride trails in Colorado. Nobody ever goes ATVing and expects what they get. We went to Lefthand in Roosevelt National Forest. Its only about 20 minutes from my house – definetly the closest place and a lot of great riding. Most of … Read More

BAD_POOL_CALLER and IomDisk.sys

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So I thought I would buy a 2nd hard drive to store media files on because mine is filling up.  So I bought a 200 GB one from Dell online.  When it gets here I find out that most computers have a 137 GB barrier and you have to use a special disk controller card (included) with it to get … Read More

Home Entertainment Problem Solved

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So I got the Xbox Media Player going here.  Its very nice.  I know have all Sydney’s videos and pictures at my disposal from my remote.  You just select and watch.  Its really nice.  All cataloged and everything.  I also took some of my music DVDs (you know the ones that come with CDs a lot) and ripped the contents … Read More

The Hulk Sucks

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I used to love the Hulk on TV.  Pretty cool.  Was excited about the movie — until I saw it.  What a piece of crap.  How much plot development did they think they had to do?  Just turn the dude green already and bust some stuff up.  And I am not sure if I dug the CGI Hulk — hey, … Read More