Metallica: Rehearsing to Kick Ass

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I flew into California last night for a 48 hour stay over to get some work done — ok, and to rock.  As previously mentioned here, I was the lucky recipient of 2 tickets to a Metallica rehearsal concert here in San Francisco — the home of Metallica (if you aren’t a part of Metallica nation).  Eric Burke was my date to this special event — we go back a ways on Metallica shows.  This was our 3rd together.  I have seen them a bunch of times now – ’91 Fort Wayne, ’92 Indianapolis, ’94 Mountain View, CA, ’97 San Jose, ’01 San Fran — but none like tonight.  The legendary Fillmore is in the heart of San Francisco.  Its a small club with a sticky wood floor.  I would guess just over 1000 can attend.  The crowd was great….every ticket in the house was given away through the fan club or other promotion so everyone was very excited to be there.  People flew in from all over the US to attend.

The opening act was Death Angel – a random SF native band that wasn’t that great.  The quote of the night from the singer was that “We are beautiful”.  Thanks.

Metallica came out and it was amazing.  We were so close.  You could see their faces…that was unreal.  It was like it was on TV.  They kicked off with Battery and stayed with the old school songs the whole night.  Played 2 tunes off the new album.  James told Eric & I at a previous concert that “we kick maximum ass” so we were waiting for the words of wisdom tonight.  James indicated that they were “Rehearsing to Kick Ass” on their tour this summer.  It was rehearsal in part.  While trying to play Breadfan, somebody’s guitar was way out of tune and they tried twice to get the song going but it was obviously wrong.  James proceeded to tell Kirk that his guitar was “jacked”.  Lars said he was going home.  It was hilarious.  Lots of interaction with the crowd.

At the end of one of the encores, James threw picks into the crowd and I missed them.  As I was coming back up, another batch came flying down and I stomped on one to claim it as another one fell beside me.  I grabbed both and gave one of the covetted souveniers to Eric.  This was the first time I ever caught anything anywhere.  Not a bad start.

So a dream come true — an upclose and personal night with the boyz and a few 100 of our Metallica friends.  It was unforgettable.  Can’t wait to see them in Denver on August 1st.  They are better and stronger than ever.  Ride the lightning!

Master Of Puppets
Harvester Of Sorrow
St. Anger
The Thing That Should Not Be
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Ride The Lightning
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Damage, Inc.
No Remorse
Leper Messiah