My New Favorite Show

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Now that 24 is over I started searching the dial for my 1 show of the week and I found it — Punk’d on MTV.  Its like candid camera on celebrities.  They pull no punches.  Check it out.  The best one so far is when they punk Justin Timerlake and he nearly cries because they think the government has seized … Read More


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I guess my sister could not take the raw net increase of heartbeats in the Colorado-based Fuller household, so she decided to have her first child.  Let the fun begin.  From my perspective, dogs are a lot harder then a newborn child!  Natalee, make sure you start buying plenty of Nature’s Miracle.

Gotta Love WiFi

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With Intel’s latest Centrino marketing campaign, they have finally put WiFi in place at San Jose International!  Now you can sit at your gate here and get work done — and with XP remote desktop I am connected to my home PC at fast speeds blogging away.  Gotta love it.  It was frustrating before when the high-tech capital of the … Read More

Metallica: Rehearsing to Kick Ass

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I flew into California last night for a 48 hour stay over to get some work done — ok, and to rock.  As previously mentioned here, I was the lucky recipient of 2 tickets to a Metallica rehearsal concert here in San Francisco — the home of Metallica (if you aren’t a part of Metallica nation).  Eric Burke was my date … Read More

No Mo 24

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Well, last night wrapped up season 2 of 24.  I think this season was better than last but the ending didn’t have as big of a shock as I would have thought.  Jack didn’t have any interesting happenings.  Nobody killed Kim or Sherri Palmer which was a total disappointment.  And then they do the magic hand cream on Prez Palmer.  … Read More