Sexy Woman


We were taking pictures of the pets today for a little art project and Dakota couldn’t stop posing.  Everybody else was a pain in the ass. Is this really art?


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Man, I hate tech support sometimes.  Talked with UPS this morning because their WorldShip shipping software was not working.  It kept giving an error about the rate engine.  So I called and the guy walked me through his manual of dumb stuff to check out.  Then made me reinstall but the same problem occured.  He kept telling me I had … Read More


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Snow here this morning, gone by 10am.  Gotta love Colorado.  So I skied at Eldora today.  Ice & some powder but not very “spring sking” — it was windy and cold but with no one else really out there, its a good time. Got screwed at Talladega (or just ‘Dega as it known in the sport) today.  Went to the race … Read More

HIPAA or Hippo

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Man, HIPAA is really keeping Orion busy.  All these last minute agreements coming in.  One today required that we hold a $3 million dollar insurance policy to guard against any breaches.  Yeah, right!  The insurance requirements alone will keep other states and players out of the benchmarking business it seems.  They may have to keep with just de-identified data and … Read More

Handy Utility

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Been using this tool called Plaxo to keep my Outlook address book up to date.  Pretty nice. I need to find out somebody who knows how to do XmR trending.  Uhhh… Zelda came yesterday.  Another battle begins.  I am getting backlogged on games.  We need racing on the GameCube.  I want to see Mario Cart.  That was a household favorite. … Read More