Hungry, Kids?

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School kids got hungry on a field trip and the school official took them to Hooters to eat.  Man, education sure has changed since I was in school. …and Saddam in gay porn films.  What’s up with that?  I guess when you are insane, no sense in holding anything back. Also, the Avs won last night 3-1.  Series will be … Read More

Development Environments

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Having trouble coming up with a unified environment that does bug tracking, project repository and source control — all in a pseudo-integrated fashion.  I like Perforce.  It seems to have the source control stuff down at a decent price.  It integrates with a bunch of stuff but I don’t really like any of the defect tracking systems.  On the project … Read More

Back Where We Belong

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Gordon took the checkered flag under yellow yesterday.  Here in this picture he shows the size of the fish he caught earlier that day or maybe its the size of the check he is going to write to Brooke?  Pretty boring race at Martinsville otherwise.  Not too much bumping and grinding.  Gordon dominated most of the race then Robbie screwed … Read More