When’s That Baby Due?

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Last Saturday was Mom’s first due date before it was changed to May 3rd.  We are all getting anxious…or maybe frustrated.  We are ready to go.  Its like having a major event but you do not know when its going to occur — but when it does a huge set of events go into motion.  We have done the major … Read More

Cool Newsgroup Feature

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On the Orion web site, I run a bulletin board program called UBB.  They just added in a new feature called Content Islands.  This is a way to create streams of customized information.  The publish as HTML or even as RSS so you can subscribe to the feed in Radio.  Totally cool.  Everything is coming together.  Now on the Orion … Read More


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Got to attend my first zoning hearing today for the church mega-plex they are planning to build 150 feet from my house. Our neighborhood group did a great job of rallying support and made a pretty convincing argument about why this should not be approved.  They mainly focused on a law that says the buildings have to be compatible with … Read More