Radio Userland and Windows Media Player

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All the other blogging tools have the cool music integration so why can’t Radio Userland?  I guess its just left up to us to figure it out instead of having it built in.  Fine.  After much searching, I figured out how to do this with Windows Media Player.  I also know how to do it with WinAmp but I will leave that for you to figure out.  I also modified to add a Google link to the artist so we can quickly figure out who your crazy bands are. Here are the steps to getting songs to work in Radio Userland:

1.  Download the Windows Media Player 9 Series Fun Pack.  This is what other tools like LiveJournal use it says.  Basically, this is a plug-in to Windows Media Player that writes the song data into a registry ket.

2.  You need a macro to capture the song data when you do your post.  I used a sample off to do this.  I modified it to deal with the artist and store it separately.  I also changed it to be non-visual.  The sample assumed you wanted to type the data in.  Here is the modified macro for download.  Save it in your Macros directory.  To install the macro if you don’t know how, you open the Radio console and just open this file.  It will prompt you for the location and such.  Just take the defaults.

3.  Last step — need to add the code into your Item template to display the information if its there.  I put code like the following, but you can modify it as you see fit to make yours as pretty as you like it.


local (adrpost = @weblogData.posts.["<%paddedItemNum%>"]);

if defined (adrpost^.song) {return ("[<b>music:</b> " + adrpost^.artist + " -- " + adrpost^.song + "]" )}
else {return ("")} %>

That’s it.  Should be working for you now.  Let me know how it goes.