When’s That Baby Due?

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Last Saturday was Mom’s first due date before it was changed to May 3rd.  We are all getting anxious…or maybe frustrated.  We are ready to go.  Its like having a major event but you do not know when its going to occur — but when it does a huge set of events go into motion.  We have done the major spring cleaning of the house and now things are getting dirty again.  Grandma is calling everyday asking Mom how she is.  Mom does not like this.  Mom is fine and does not want to be asked constantly.  Our neighbors are asking because they have a baby $$$ pool riding on the date so they call until their day comes and then they are mad when its not born yet.  Do we get the cash if they are all wrong?

Tomorrow night is the next and final installment in the educational series — breastfeeding 101.  Three hours of talking about boobs.  Normally, that might get one excited but at this point – its just painful.  But lucky for me, the coaches (as we are known these days) are highly encouraged to come to the class so we can help Mom when she gets frustrated trying to feed the child.  So another night away from 24, go TiVo.

Nobody has posted comments lately on the pictures I posted.  Maybe I will stop…hint hint.