A Day in the Life4 Comments

Got to attend my first zoning hearing today for the church mega-plex they are planning to build 150 feet from my house. Our neighborhood group did a great job of rallying support and made a pretty convincing argument about why this should not be approved.  They mainly focused on a law that says the buildings have to be compatible with the surroundings and the size of these buildings are not.  Our group’s leader used produce to illustrate the point – lime vs. watermelon.  The other odd thing is how these churches get away with doing things all “tax free”.  They bought the land tax free with money from collections that is tax free.  They are then going to sell off parts of the land tax free to commerical entities to pay for their development.  Its very strange.  During the arguments, they said that if you have an “organized set of beliefs” within a  group of people, you meet the definition of a religous group.  I think I am going to start my own religion around here — do pets count as the congregation?  The church of bfuller.  The vote is on May 7th.

Light moment of the day — I was dealing with a sales rep today over e-mail and thanked them for their support and they guys responds: “We realize the importance of giving a good first impression to lure you in, and then we lapse into mediocre service, making you long for the comparatively short wait at the DMV. (Just kidding)”

In other completely dissapointing news, Patrick Roy seems to have failed me again.  The Avs didn’t play well tonight but they stayed in there.  Then in the Game 7 OT (my fingernails are gone at this point), the Avs miss shot on shot — but they stay on offense.  Then the first breakaway the Wild get they freakin’ score.  How lame is that?  Somebody needs to stick a sock in Patrick’s 5-hole because in the years I have watched the Avs after moving to Colorado, the guys seems to be the weakest link.  Especially, because the goalies on the other teams always step up and have games of their lives.  Whatever.  Back to NASCAR this weekend in Fontana.

24: Of course Jack Bauer came back to life — he is Jack.  Jack always comes back.  I was very excited — NOT — to see previews showing Jack’s daughther returning.  Can’t somebody shoot her already?