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Snow here this morning, gone by 10am.  Gotta love Colorado.  So I skied at Eldora today.  Ice & some powder but not very “spring sking” — it was windy and cold but with no one else really out there, its a good time.

Got screwed at Talladega (or just ‘Dega as it known in the sport) today.  Went to the race last fall and they didn’t have a single yellow flag — every lap was green.  Today, 4 laps into it, Newman cuts a tire and takes out over 1/2 the field – a record.  That was what I wanted to see.  Oh well.  Gordon ran strong.  All the Hendrick cars did.  Guess the figured out why they blew all the engines there last year and improve.  But once again Junior wins.  4 straight there.  He pitted 17 freakin’ times.  Man, that is insane.  You don’t lose any laps pitting there so his car kept charging to the front.  Some day they will all figure out why that car is so much faster than everybody elses there.

We go to the doctor tomorrow to find out if our baby is upside down or not.