HIPAA or Hippo

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Man, HIPAA is really keeping Orion busy.  All these last minute agreements coming in.  One today required that we hold a $3 million dollar insurance policy to guard against any breaches.  Yeah, right!  The insurance requirements alone will keep other states and players out of the benchmarking business it seems.  They may have to keep with just de-identified data and possibly only in aggregate which is virtually worthless.  We also keep adding more options to make everybody happy so we have all the bases covered.  Should be good to go on April 15th.

Birth class last night.  Got to take a tour of the rooms we will be living in for about 2-3 days.  Man, will we go crazy?  Baby stays in the room.  They have Jacuzzi tubs.  Kim gets a luxorious dinner menu.  Dad has to go to the cafeteria.  Man, screwed again.  Aren’t we there because of the Dad really anyway? 🙂

NASCAR admitted they screwed Gordon.  I can’t wait for playoff hockey!  GO AVS!