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Been using this tool called Plaxo to keep my Outlook address book up to date.  Pretty nice.

I need to find out somebody who knows how to do XmR trending.  Uhhh…

Zelda came yesterday.  Another battle begins.  I am getting backlogged on games.  We need racing on the GameCube.  I want to see Mario Cart.  That was a household favorite.

Would you like fries with that gun?

In our next series of birth classes, we get to tour the delivery room area tonight.  Last week, we watched birth videos.  Frankly, they were near porno status because half the women were totally naked, not on pain block so they just were moaning the entire time, and lots of shots of places cameras don’t normally go.  I think it was sort of a hippee video from Boulder or something.  Back in the day, the man was required to sit in the waiting room — man, why do times have to change? 🙂