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Today I got a very exciting e-mail from the MetClub: Congratulations!! You are the lucky winner of two tickets to see Metallica at the world renowned Fillmore Theatre in San Francisco on Thurs May 22nd 2003. Metallica Video Shoot at San Quentin I never win anything.  And finally, something good!  Now, the trick is I have to get there.  This baby … Read More

Everyone Hates Telemarketers

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Sue Telemarketers Fast! (well, not very fast). Mark Eckenwiler says: “In November 2002, a telemarketer called my home in D.C. at 5:24 a.m. This is the story of how that call cost him $500.” By jwz@jwz.org. [jwz]

Radio Userland and Internet Explorer Favorites

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I tried hard to find a tool that would help me post my IE favorites into my blog but had little luck.  One tool, ActiveRender, attempted to but I got some timeout error. So I wrote a little VB script that you can schedule to run every night on your computer.  It will regenerate a favorites.txt file as a Radio … Read More

Radio Userland and Windows Media Player

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All the other blogging tools have the cool music integration so why can’t Radio Userland?  I guess its just left up to us to figure it out instead of having it built in.  Fine.  After much searching, I figured out how to do this with Windows Media Player.  I also know how to do it with WinAmp but I will … Read More

Help a Brother Out

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I am not fond of solictors.  We are pelted by them.  If its not the phone, its the e-mail, or its the doorbell.  The no-call list is the way to go. Iif you do not have one of these in your state, you need to get one.  I hear they are working on a national one.  And as for Spam, … Read More