Gordon Gets Screwed Again

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What other sport has something called a “gentleman’s agreement”?  Maybe golf.  This weekend to prevent a wreck because Kenseth put on the brakes, Gordon passed Kenseth and NASCAR ruled it not a pass and put Gordon back in 2nd.  These “rules” are strange.  Hopefully, NASCAR will come out with a statement this week. Then near the end when the last … Read More

Too Long of a Winter?

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Ok, Winter is much too long in this Iowa town.  They are going to make lying illegal.  “Where have you been honey?”….uhhh….you could go to jail — but that might be better than staying there at times. 🙂 Snoop D-Oh-Double G is may be back in court.  He used a message that somebody left on his answering machine in a … Read More

War and Work

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So first we had dolphins finding mines in the water to clear shipping lanes and now Morocco offers US monkeys to detonate mines.  Wouldn’t it be better to round up those pesky prarie dogs and send them over there.  I think they would find the land mines very effectively. Finally released our latest version of MeetingPlace Web yesterday at work.  … Read More

Gaming Update

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I am now at the final boss in Metroid Prime.  What a great game.  I have to beat it so I can play the original NES version again.  If you haven’t heard its also on the disc but you have to connect your GBA and beat Metroid Fusion first. Also, the new Zelda comes out this week.  Should be cool. … Read More

New Toys

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Some new things to play with today. First day with Radio Userland.  Got tired of Blogger…didn’t have the cool features. Been trying to deal with the issue of having multiple monitors and the desire to use only mouse and keyboard.  I was trying to buy this software called TeleEffect but the software hasn’t been updated and their order form does not … Read More