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A song or two will be broadcast from our Metallica concert here in Vegas tonight on FOX’s New Year’s Eve show. Watch for it! The concert starts at 10PM PST.

Vegas Is Heating Up and Cooling Down

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Its chilly here. Been in the 30s in the evening. Not as warm as you would like but you would think all the people here would generate enough body heat to warm things up. There is definitely a buzz around here. I haven’t ever been to New York for New Year’s Eve but Vegas is probably the #2 party spot. … Read More

Lord of the Yawns

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Ok, it wasn’t that it was a bad movie. And normally I like getting more for my money. But when I pay for a movie, I want to be entertained for about 2 hours and then I am done. Can’t sit still much longer. But Lord of the Rings was a 3.5 hour long movie. Somebody must have fallen asleep … Read More

Big Bike

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We arrived in Vegas today. We see the boyz on Wednesday night. I hurried and snapped a picture of Sydney near the slots at the airport. Gotta have the memories of how we corrupted her as a child. As I walked the strip tonight, I felt a picture of a big motorcycle was appropriate to share.

Please Slow Down

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Remember how I got that ticket back in May because of my Mom? 😉 Well, today on the way to catch our flight, Kim was pulled over on the airport property. She came off the 65 MPH highway onto a 45 MPH offramp and never really slowed down. She knew better but didn’t follow her intuition. All of a sudden … Read More