Longmont, CO USA
Objective To pursue a challenging career in software engineering that will utilize and enhance my current skill set. Desired responsibilities include managing the development team and the development process. Expected to have three broad areas of managerial focus including: personnel management, project and resource management, and technical management.
  • Successfully managed cross-functional teams from 5 to 20+ people (on-site and remote management).
  • Demonstrated successful leadership of several complete product releases.
  • Experience in translating business needs into detailed development/engineering specifications.
  • Experience fostering an environment that is motivating and provides for clear communication.
  • Superior ability to conceptualize, design, manage, document and communicate the architecture, technology and construction guidelines to both developers and to non-technical senior managers.
Patents United States Patent 6,915,331: End user control of a teleconferencing network through a data network. Issued July 5, 2005.
Skills Pro: Java, Apache Wicket, Hibernate, MySQL, Spring, Amazon Web Services, HTML/JavaScript/XML/JSON/AJAX/jQuery/CSS, JBoss
Hacker: iOS & Android development, PHP, Perl, Mac OS X Carbon
Fading: C/C++, Win32, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access
Experience Blue Jeans Network: Technical Leader Apr 2013 – Current
  • Building a cloud-based conferencing service to enable people to connect with each other any time, any place, and from any device.
  • Responsible for SDK and 3rd party integrations.
  • Built a distributed graph database for managing social connections between users of the service.
  • Developed integrations with SalesForce, Slack, HipChat, and more.

Cisco Systems

Jan 2004 – Apr 2013
    Technical Leader: Cloud Collaboration Applications Technology Group (2007 – 2013)
  • Technical leadership and web software development of Cisco Jabber Video, a free telepresence softclient.
  • Technical leadership and web software development of Cisco Callway, a subscription-based video conferencing service. Utilized cloud-based technologies to build, test and scale the service. Worked with international teams.
  • Responsible for enabling service providers, such as AT&T, to provide businesses the ability to interact and collaborate with others, delivering life-size images via full-high-definition video and spatial audio within a specially designed environment using Cisco TelePresence.
  • Prototyped, developed and launched the Cisco TelePresence Directory, which is a web application based on search engine technology for helping Cisco TelePresence customers find and connect with each other.
  • Technical leadership and software development of a web portal application for service providers to deploy for enabling their customers to schedule, manage, and attended TelePresence meetings.
  • Daily software development using technologies such as Java, MySQL, JBoss, Hibernate, Spring, Wicket, Lucene, Ext JS, jQuery and more.
  • Implemented Agile development methodology using XP, Scrum and Kanban/Continuous Flow. Project management performed via Rally.
    Manager, Software Development: Unified Communications (2004 – 2007)
  • Responsible for development engineering of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing. 4 major releases and 3 maintenance releases completed.
  • Remotely manage a medium-sized team of software engineers.
  • Proven track record for shipping complex applications on schedule.
  • Experience working in a heavily concurrent development where multiple branches of code are simultaneously developed.
  • Participated in various cross-company initiatives to implement code reviews, security standards, and blogs.
  • Maintain security policy infrastructure for various MeetingPlace products.
  • Architected several MeetingPlace conferencing technology providers, including Adobe Connect and WebEx.

Local Counsel Collective: President & CTO

2011 – Current
  • Provider of an Internet-based service for collection law firms, which practice primarily in creditor’s rights, needed to efficiently schedule and retain high quality attorneys to attend short procedural hearings in many jurisdictions.
  • Developed Java-based web application using technologies such as jQuery, Apache Wicket, Spring Framework, Hibernate, MySQL, JBoss, and more.
  • Utilized a cloud-based architecture featuring Amazon Web Services, with components such as EC2, ELB, AutoScaling, CloudWatch, ElastiCache, Route 53, Multi-AZ, and SES.
  • Developed iOS and Android mobile applications. Functionality includes geolocation tracking, push notifications, iOS Passbook, and more. Apps sold through respective app stores.
  • Spearheaded adoption of agile development process and act as scrummaster for the company.
  • Serve as a key member of the management team that sets the company’s strategic direction. Responsible for engineering, operational, and financial activities.
  • Company ranked #204 on the 2015 Inc Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.
Latitude Communications:  Director, Product Development Dec 1998 – Jan 2004
  • Latitude was acquired by Cisco Systems in January 2004.
  • Responsible for management and direction of web conferencing products, which utilize Internet technologies to provide a real-time conferencing environment over the Internet.
  • Managed software projects through their full cycle of development (including specifications, design, implementation test and release).  Products designed with sensitivity to scalability and usability.  Released six versions of product.
  • Implemented Extreme Programming methodology to increase productivity & quality.
  • Reported to the Vice President of Product Development.
  • Leader of the Latitude architectural review board.
  • Contributed to numerous process development initiatives throughout the organization including the development of a test case and coverage tracking application for use by the quality assurance group.
  • Responsible for the MeetingPlace Agent, which is a set of NT Services that provides all functionality to the MeetingPlace client software products.  Contributions include: building a set of COM interfaces for extending the agent, integrating SQL Server into the agent, and building a SDK so external parties can write applications to the Agent.
  • Latitude’s technical representative for the joint development of the Sametime and MeetingPlace integration between Lotus and Latitude.
  • Project manager and technical lead for the development of the MeetingPlace E-mail Gateway.
  • Awarded the company’s annual vision award after just one year with the company.
  • For process improvement, developed a test case and coverage tracking application for use by the quality assurance group.  This application utilizes SQL Server and Active Server Pages (ASP).
  • Project manager and technical lead for the development of MeetingPlace for Notes. Involved development of a Notes template database and a NT service for fulfilling user requests from Notes.  Also, developed a set of COM objects that encapsulated MeetingPlace’s notification capabilities to allow rapid development of future notification plug-ins.
Orion Software Development: President Jan 1997 – 2013
  • Founded a corporation chartered to create low-cost database solutions for the medical industry.
  • Developed a suite of medical outcomes database applications that are used by over 1000 hospitals worldwide.
  • Created a national outcomes benchmarking service utilizing the Internet for data transfer.
  • Software is sold direct and through various channel partners.
  • Products have received endorsements from over 15 professional associations.
  • Received 2003 Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Award for Industry Innovation and Advancement.
QuesTec Imaging:  Consultant/Software Engineer Apr 1998 – Dec 1999
  • Contracted to enhance the ball tracking software used in the SuperVision product.
  • Ported the OpenGL-based SuperVision graphics application from the Silicon Graphics IRIX platform to the Microsoft Windows NT platform.
  • Created a COM-based architecture to support a component-based design.
Cosmo Software, Silicon Graphics: Engineering Intern May 1997 – Aug 1997
  • Worked on a software development team that is creating Cosmo Code, a Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Microsoft Windows.
  • Responsible for subsystems within the interactive user interface builder.
Intel Corporation: Internships via Purdue University Cooperative Education Program Between May 1994 – Aug 1996
  • Interactive Marketing: Program manager for technology vendors for the production of web content for Technology First section of Intel’s corporate web site. Provided entire Online Marketing group with technical consultation on cutting-edge web technologies and applications. Attended a week long training course at Microsoft concerning the application and development of ActiveX technologies.
  • Itanium Design Team: Responsible for the logic design and validation of the branch prediction unit. Responsibilities included: writing the micro-architectural specification, coding functionality in iHDL, developing full test suites, and simulating the RTL model.
  • Itanium Design Enablers: Developed a logic design CAD tool which enables the visualization of a RTL simulation model for debugging purposes. Skills required were GUI development in Tcl/Tk, data visualization, object-oriented programming, and logic debugging techniques.
  • Pentium II Design Automation: Developed GUI tools for memory design automation tasks. Projects included developing a memory blackbox BVR generator and a performance verification schematic generator.
Education Purdue University, West Lafayette IN Aug 1993 – Dec 1997
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCmpE)
Publications Reviewer for Packt Publishing’s Apache Wicket Cookbook. 2011
Contributor to Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review. 2006
Co-author of Feasibility of a Multi-State Outcomes Program for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. 1999
Extras The Elms Community Association: President 2005 – 2008
  • Lead a five person board of directors elected to manage a community of 261 homes.
  • Responsibility for budgeting, contractor management, legal affairs, reserve planning, web site, facilitating meetings, and more.
  • Championed multiple initiatives for community improvement through special assessments.
Hacks Ongoing
  • Have and continue to develop various freeware and shareware applications that perform a variety of functions.
  • Now Playing, a media player plugin for both Windows and Mac, has been featured in various magazines and on the former television show The Screen Savers on the G4 Network. Thousands of licenses have been sold worldwide. Various customized versions have been licensed by popular sites such as Virb.com, AOL, and NEON. Integrates with services, such as Twitter and Facebook.