Handy Utility

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Been using this tool called Plaxo to keep my Outlook address book up to date.  Pretty nice.

I need to find out somebody who knows how to do XmR trending.  Uhhh…

Zelda came yesterday.  Another battle begins.  I am getting backlogged on games.  We need racing on the GameCube.  I want to see Mario Cart.  That was a household favorite.

Would you like fries with that gun?

In our next series of birth classes, we get to tour the delivery room area tonight.  Last week, we watched birth videos.  Frankly, they were near porno status because half the women were totally naked, not on pain block so they just were moaning the entire time, and lots of shots of places cameras don’t normally go.  I think it was sort of a hippee video from Boulder or something.  Back in the day, the man was required to sit in the waiting room — man, why do times have to change? 🙂

Gordon Gets Screwed Again

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What other sport has something called a “gentleman’s agreement”?  Maybe golf.  This weekend to prevent a wreck because Kenseth put on the brakes, Gordon passed Kenseth and NASCAR ruled it not a pass and put Gordon back in 2nd.  These “rules” are strange.  Hopefully, NASCAR will come out with a statement this week.

Then near the end when the last round of pits stops occurs, Gordon goes in and pits and just after that, yep, a caution.  This booted Gordon back again.  Happened at Bristol and he went two laps down.  Man, Robbie, we gotta start making sure we are running on fumes before bringing her in.

Oh well, the number 24 DuPont Fritos Pepsi Quake State Chevrolet Monte Carlo is up to 6th in points and that is what really matters.

But good job to Ryan Newman pulling it out — does Purdue Engineering proud!

Invention Idea:  We keep buying stuff for the baby’s room.  Pottery Barn keeps putting these stupid hangars on the back that look like a keyhole.  They are impossible for me to get straight.  Need to come up with an invention that allows you put something in the hole on the item and then press it on the wall to mark the spots perfectly.  Even better would be if you could just pound those right in the wall by pushing on the item itself.

Too Long of a Winter?

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Ok, Winter is much too long in this Iowa town.  They are going to make lying illegal.  “Where have you been honey?”….uhhh….you could go to jail — but that might be better than staying there at times. 🙂

Snoop D-Oh-Double G is may be back in court.  He used a message that somebody left on his answering machine in a song on his album.  Man, what a scheme.  Please call me at home home number ASAP so I can cash in too.  And if you are in Iowa and you lie on my answering machine you will not be able to collect because you will be in jail.

Sounds like a failed science project — the world’s largest rubber band ball failed to bounce.

In another record setting attempt in the world of sports, this dude is trying to be the world’s fastest clapper.  Man, this sucks, I need a new goal now.

I gotta get back to work.  BTW, I changed my webcam out today to an Axis 2100 netcam.  No computer required.  I had one for the baby cam but I decided they are too good and got another.

War and Work

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So first we had dolphins finding mines in the water to clear shipping lanes and now Morocco offers US monkeys to detonate mines.  Wouldn’t it be better to round up those pesky prarie dogs and send them over there.  I think they would find the land mines very effectively.

Finally released our latest version of MeetingPlace Web yesterday at work.  1.5 years in the making.  Glad to be done.  It never gets easy — just new challenges.

And by the way, its annoying that Outlook blocks your attachments in recent versions.  You can work around it if you want but its not fun explaining this to a computer-challenged person.

Gaming Update

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I am now at the final boss in Metroid Prime.  What a great game.  I have to beat it so I can play the original NES version again.  If you haven’t heard its also on the disc but you have to connect your GBA and beat Metroid Fusion first.

Also, the new Zelda comes out this week.  Should be cool. Graphics are really different.