September 27, 2013

PermalinkDNF Proud

Sticker courtesy of Lucho.


I just assume that everyone is laughing while they drive behind me. I do have my 100.2 sticker in the other corner to counterbalance.

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September 26, 2013

PermalinkDaily Diversion

Today's 2 selections provided by Sydney.

This one has been playing in our house for about a month. Now, they were on Ellen last week I hear so they have clearly jumped the shark. But if you aren't into such things, you need to understand. You need to know what the fox says.

And this one was another one she has watched dozens of times. I appreciate that she likes the dry humor of it.

However, I keep telling them that this is the most brilliant one in a while...

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September 25, 2013


Dad, we want a puppy.

After the passing of our last dog in 2012, the kids were pretty set on not letting that get them down. The older dogs were said to not have played with the kids because they didn't grow up with the kids. Now they wanted a puppy of their own. I was not interested. Dogs are a lot of work. Enjoyed them while they were here but after its refreshing to not have to deal with the types of requirements dogs bring with them. I am such an old grump.

So they kept asking and I kept saying no and making excuses. Finally one day, they showed me some dog photos and I was boasting that those were wussie dogs. I liked my old dog's breed. To each their own but this is my own. Something medium, not a purse dog. Crap. They just cracked my armor.

Weeks later, Kim comes home with a flyer from the vet. A bunch of cute dogs needing homes! Turns out a private lady rescued a pregnant dog from a kill shelter in New Mexico. She birthed the pups and is now working through finding the whole family homes. There were three cute dogs on the photo. So Kim asks...can I call? I didn't say yes. But I didn't say no.

Next thing I know, we hear that the 3 dogs are already gone to good homes. But the lady has one more puppy that is 13 weeks old and is needing a home still. She is a really friendly lady and says she will drive the dog over later in the day for a test. So Kim tells the kids she has a friend coming over and gives them no information on what is going down.

The lady arrives with a scared dog in the car. He has never been in a car. Our kids think the lady's dog is cute. But Sydney starts getting a clue. The rest of the kids are confused. We take the dog in the backyard. First time he has been on grass as she lives on a farm. He is going nuts. Running around. Checking everything out. Gaining confidence after the car ride. He seems intrigued by the kids and loves to chase and jump on Kayla give their similar sizes. This causes panic as he pushes her to the ground and licks her to death. Oh they won't keep it. Its going to kill Kayla. So Kayla retreats up onto the top of the swing set and monitors the whole thing and cheers on the dog as he does other things in the yard.

Everybody loves the dog so he is going to stay for a test. I know he isn't leaving but if he comes in and kills a cat, we might have a chance. Never know. So he is way interested in the cats and they beat him up quickly and he backs off a bit. The dog is nervous in our house and proceeds to pee on the slate floor a few times. Oh yeah, potty training! His cuteness distracts from all the issues and everybody loves him. So I think he is going to stay. I went into my office and dug into a drawer and pulled out 2 collars. One from Wyatt and one from Dakota. Still have green tags and all. I took them over and let the kids put one on the new dog. I guess it was time to transition. Took me a while to see it.

Welcome, Ozzy!









Momma, I'm comin' home...

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September 18, 2013

PermalinkAnother Leadville Video

This one has been going around so I finally watched it. Appears to be a Leadville race-centric version of the NB shoe video posted earlier in the year. Saw yours truly in it at 2:12, 2:22, 2:53, etc. with TK, Brooks, Clarkie, Zeke, Aish, and others. I love a good cameo!

Screen grab for posterity:


JV asked me today if I was going back. I said "yes". I just don't know when. The answers lies in when I fix the issues that plague me there.

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September 16, 2013

PermalinkDaily Diversion

Name that kid.

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September 15, 2013

PermalinkWet, Again

The rains came again today. Hard rain for most the day. The final surge they say as I read the forecast.

I poached from photos from our paper, the Times-Call, to share. They have stuff all over town but here are some from my neck of the woods.

Here is Highway 119 by my house. A 4-lane 65 mile hour road. The St. Vrain river cuts under it at a new bridge that we had renovated just a few years back.


Same section but you can see this truck making their way east.


Above the bridge. Road is still closed and there are National Guard there with Hummers keeping people off it. Looks like some quality road damage so I am not sure what they will do after the water subsides. Seems like the road isn't safe.


St. Vrain State Park, where I run occasionally. Just a few miles from my house. You can see I-25 across the top. We are looking east.


Another video shot by some locals out of a chopper. They do some good description. This is basically staring at Golden Ponds (over by Home Depot) and flying east almost to my house. It looks like a big stream of water but that's mostly road and land that is under that water. The river isn't that big.

At 0:37, you can see the bridge that leads from Roger's Grove out to the Greenway the listening rocks. The water is touching the bridge. Geezus. At 1:29, you get a status on Left Hand Brewery. These guys have lots of other videos if you are into this type of thing.

Our high school up the road is a Red Cross evacuation shelter now. Kids are out of school locally for most of the week. Its like an extended vacation that nobody really wanted. So many people displaced. So many home flooded. We are lucky to live where we live up high. But our town will be forever changed by this.

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September 13, 2013

PermalinkColorado Flood 2013

I suppose if you are in Colorado, you know what's going on. If not, well, check the news. Colorado is flooding and we are in the center of it. It started raining steadily a few days ago and never stopped. My front lawn had that super mush feeling when I walked across it. The curbs were overflowing. Our neighborhood was dealing just fine but the raging waters were building to the west. The rain dumped on the foothills heavy and we got about a year's worth of rain overnight. This caused flash floods. iPhones were going off with weather alerts and the news went to constant updates. The Facebook updates got crazier and crazier as every river and creek going east rose to "major" flood levels. Roads started getting tore apart. It was reminiscent of the scenes from New Orleans in places but it was here.

Longmont Flood

Most of the roads into our town were shutdown this morning as the rivers cross east to west breaking the city in half. We live right along the St. Vrain river and its roaring. That's a picture of it above out by Best Buy in our town. There is a nice tall bridge there installed about 5 years ago. The river is actually nearly cross-able on foot on a low day. I run along it a lot. Now its taking the entire underpass up.

Longmont Flood

Back towards home, we had new helicopters up above. We live along Colorado 119 which is a big highway that goes through Longmont. It was closed as of yesterday at the turn to our neighborhood. My neighbor, Jenn, got this pic off the TV. Our houses are the ones at the top of the frame. That's our cow farm just below it -- you've seen if it you have been here. So this is kind of SE of our house looking NW. 119 is running right down through the center from left to right in the pictures. Totally underwater.


That lake right to the left and below the cow farm is usually a nice walking path with define lakes. Now its a massive wetland.

Longmont Flood

More of the lakes. This area is always wet so its not terrible through here. Lots of nests and wildlife though that had to move to higher ground.

Longmont Flood

Driving back into our neighborhood. Looking east out to I-25. Water as far as you can see. I-25 is closed where this water crosses too. Basically you can't drive from Denver to Wyoming as there are several stretches of Interstate flooded as the water escapes east.

Longmont Flood

As for us, our house is fine. We lost potable water today for about 12 hours but its back on now. Power flickered but never went out. We are up nice and high so its just a perch to watch the craziness around us. There are areas far worse than our little corner but Longmont is on the top of the news with Lyons, Estes Park, and Boulder for getting the brunt of this. Weld County itself is a mess as the water gets east and is just flooding farmlands for miles. Its supposed to rain all weekend. Then the storm is gone. Some said this was the 100 year flood we always here about. The paper is saying maybe 500 year. All I know is that I haven't ever seen anything like this in person. Water is powerful.

A local guy did some video from a helicopter...this is some of the same area I photographed above.

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September 9, 2013

PermalinkWeekly Training Summary (37.04 Miles / 5:31:47)

The wind calls your name, get out of your bed
Go on to the rails, the raven will lead
Judgement will prevail, the hangman is here.

- Volbeat


Mon - Off: Labor Day. Leadville. Concert.
Tue - Easy 5M: Back at it. Super hot out. Walked some to ease up hip.
Wed - 8 X 800M: That hurt. Got better though after a few. I bailed on the 4th half way mentally. Then thought to myself, what was that? Running these on roads is a challenge with the hills.
Thu - Slow 7M: Slow is sub-8 pace in this round. Its not really slow. Feels OK when relaxed.
Fri - Yoga + Mount Sanitas: It was super hot. Blinded by sweat. 23 up. I need to get back and break 20 on this someday.
Sat - Slow 14M: Pseudo-long run. Just tried to hold pace and see if I could get around 15. Ended up tightening up bad around 11 and struggled to complete.
Sun - 4 x 100-200-300M: My first track session. With GZ, Timkos, and Shad run by Lucho. Didn't kill me. I just have no proficiency. Need to get familiar with it. Doing this will PR me in a 5K surely.


Training Load 2013-09-09


Why I am writing this? Well, I used to be somewhat regular and anal about these reports. They drove me to some level of accountability for what I was up to week to week. And I know a few people (Glenn!) love graphs. So after Leadville, I went in search of some answers. This wasn't a big come down from the mountain session. It took all of a short run to decide.

And one thing I figured was that I got better results when I got back to basics. Basics? Marathon training. So over the past few weeks, I dug out one of my old plans and revised it for sub-3. Now I am seeing how I match up with it. Answer: It sucks. I jumped in to fast and ripped up my right hamstring. Ouch.

The other thing that this hamstring told me is another well known thing. From the day I started running! I am so tight. Tightness is my limiting factor. I can't bend at all and this creates all kinds of issues in my running mechanics. I can't lift my legs. But when I do I can speed up. So I need to get loose. Trying to take it a bit more seriously. How can I fix this? Yoga. I started going. Jury is out but it was interesting. Not sure once a week will get me anywhere but I should learn a few things I can apply at home. Laying on the floor and trying to touch my toes isn't working.

So I threw the graph up this week. Mostly to see if I could figure out how to generate it again. Boring for now. And its not super realistic as I started at 0 after a week off after Leadville. Oh, what the heck. Gotta start somewhere.

Inhaler is becoming regular but I am not sure its really the solution. It does cut down my coughing. While in Leadville on Labor Day, I was just eating breakfast and went into a major cough spell. No running involved. I hit the inhaler and it calmed down. Hmmm. There is less coughing on the run too. It just doesn't feel like some magical cure. The silver bullet so to speak. But I will play along and see. I probably need to test it out in a real scenario.

So eying a bunch of different races for the fall too. Boulder, Denver, etc. The problem is that they all cost money. Not sure I want to spend $75-$100 to run when I can do it for free at home. I feel like I need to race only when there is some tangible benefit. Like getting a BQ. So I will just keep them on my calendar as motivators right now and see how things progress over the next few weeks. Maybe things will come together a bit.

So not a lot of miles on the week but I worked harder than I have in a long time. And I am so done with the heat. There I said it.

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September 3, 2013

PermalinkAvenged Sevenfold / Volbeat / Halestorm @ Fiddler's Green

When this line up and venue was announced, I was super excited. Why? An all ages venue with my daughter's two favorite bands on the bill. Sign us up! I have dreamed of taking Sydney to her first rock show for years now. I am ahead of the curve. But the mother kept saying, "Not yet". She is wise. But finally, she knew the time was right. The bands were right. And of course, the mother would attend herself. I win. I really really win.


So I secured some 15th or so row seats. No pit for me tonight. We got to the show decently early as I wanted to see Device headline on the second stage. But no dice. Apparently, they canceled the tour due to the lead singer's baby complications. No worries. So we walked the grounds and showed Sydney the ropes. She quickly gravitated over to a booth and started shopping. She quickly found a necklace she had to have in between all the various other rock goodies.


First up for Sydney was Halestorm. This was probably the one she was looking the most forward to coming in since they are newer to her. We asked Sydney what song she wanted to hear most and she said "Rock Show". Well, they never played it. They did the 2 other times I saw them this year but not tonight. Its a festival show so you get that fast set. They were on and off in 40 minutes. Bummer. I think she enjoyed them a lot though as she knew about every song and it was her first experience seeing a band live that she enjoys. I was glad to show her a solid female rock star. Live your dream, dear.



As the sun started to set, the stage kept growing as the bill got bigger. Next up was Volbeat. They were who I came to see. First time seeing them for me. I have really gotten into them over the course of the summer. Something about the combination of metal, rock, county, and random Johnny Cash references get me going. And man, these guys delivered. So many great songs. So loud. Just the strongest guitars you have heard in a concert. Ever? Maybe. Really solid. However, I dealt when part way through the set Sydney said she needed a drink. I think she was hesitant to ask because she knew I was having fun but I used my sprinting skills to make it out to concessions and back within 1/2 a song with the biggest Sprite you could ask for. All good. The funniest line was when they asked if you wanted to hear their "crappy radio song" and they played "Still Counting". Hilarious. These guys are from Denmark, but they are more American than many. He was drinking JD out of the bottle in between songs and loves his Americana.



Sydney was constantly distracted with anything weird going on. Why are their blown up gloves being bounced around?


Finally, it was time for Avenged. This has been Sydney's 1st metal band. She had a crush on M. Shadows in his younger years after watching the music videos. However, he grew his hair long for this album/tour and it was not good for Sydney. Kim didn't like it either. Bummer. At one point, he joked with the guitar player about his hair and said it looked like crap. Sydney loved that as she felt like she called it. The concert was starting to take its toll on this 10 year old by this point. The yawning began. But would quickly get pushed aside when the next upbeat song she liked would start up. She was waiting for "Seize The Day" but it never came. Bummer. She felt like she was cursed. Her favorite songs skipped by both bands. Sorry, honey. The stage was cool with the "King" decorating the background. Sydney acquired a t-shirt of him just like that. Great memory. I think the magnitude of the show, lights, crowd, and the flames got her pretty excited.





All in all, that was one of the shows I will never forget. Being there with Kim and taking Sydney to her first concert. Kim got to tell Sydney how she took Daddy to his first rock concert. She created the monster way back then. Maybe I will have a date to more shows in the future now. Or a rock star daughter!

August 25, 2013

PermalinkSeether @ Ogden Theater

It was a dry summer for rocks shows in Leadville. So its time to get back to what inspires me back down in the Front Range. While all the pot heads were out watching DMB @ Dick's, the real rock show was downtown last night at the Ogden. The Ogden is my favorite venue in Colorado. Yeah, Red Rocks, sorry. So Red Rocks is magical of course but you are lost in a sea of people. The Odgen is tight, small, and has a raised floor. Performers come and stand in the crowd by the bar after the show. I would pay bigger money to see my favorite bands there any day.

A late show with Seether, 10 Years, and Eye Empire was on tap at the Odgen.


I knew Shaun would be stage left as always so I opted for a spot down in front there. I love watching this guy perform. Songwriter, lead vocals, and lead guitar. I am in awe of the talent of these guys.


Oddly, they left some of my favorite songs out off of "Finding Beauty" which is a classic running album for me. Oh well. This was sort of an off-new-album tour so they played some stuff live that I hadn't heard live before. That was cool.




Shot a minute of video. Figured I was ahead of the speakers so the sound might not be to noisy in the recording.

The opening act was 10 Years. This is a band where I have picked up several songs over the years for but never strung them together as being from the same group. So it was really fun to see them for the first time and work through several songs I enjoy. They played a solid set. A few songs I hadn't heard so I will be picking those up to add to my collection.

10 Years

10 Years

Great show. Can't wait for the next one. There will be a special guest!

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