October 21, 2013

PermalinkVoting Time

Let's see what major things will I need to wrap my head around on this fall's ballot?


School funds? I always vote no. Do more with what you have. My kids go to private school anyway. At least right now.

Tax weed? Yes. Now that its legal, I imagine there is going to need to be "infrastructure" to deal with it. We tax heavy on cigarettes. This seems no different.

51st state? Really. This made the ballot. How ludicrous. No. I don't want to be in your shitty new state -- unless you tell me I don't have to pay taxes or some other miracle.

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October 19, 2013

PermalinkNine Inch Nails @ Washington DC

So this was perhaps the most randomly lucky thing ever.


We just finished up a whirlwind conference in DC. I went to the social event at the Museum for Woman in the Art. Had my nice stuff on and my company shirt. Did a nice meet-n-greet and then decided to head out. I called my wife to sync up and started talking while I wandered the streets of DC in a loop around the hotel. Started making my way over by one of the Smithsonians and noticed section of town with a lot of people out. Street performers, Friday night crowds, and more made it seems like the happening part of town. As I got further down the street, I noticed the Verizon Center buried back in there. I think they play NBA and NHL there. Lots of people flocking in for some show. No clue. When I travel to the west coast, I always check schedules as I can sometimes pick up a show out there that had just been in Denver. Probably nothing I wanted to see though.

So I walked over and got a burrito and sat in a window watching the passers by. After inhaling that, I walked back by the auditorium where I still couldn't figure out who was playing. I caught a sheet of paper taped on the entrance door with a rather verbose non-recording policy. At the bottom, it said "NIN". No fucking way. Really?

Nine Inch Nails is the single greatest act I have ever seen on stage. Period. There is no debate. Its a full experience. I was super bummed when Trent pulled the plug a few years ago. But now they are back. New album. New tour. They are coming to Denver in November and of course I have tickets to that sold out show. But randomly tonight they are playing in DC. And I have no one to report to. I am solo. I got $40 cash in my wallet. So I walk down the street to a gaggle of gentlemen who have tickets and are bugging me about the same. I opened my wallet and showed them the cash. Show starts in 10 minutes guys and I got $40, who wants to sell me one. Nobody ever wants one ticket. They quickly decided this was a good offer despite the $90+ face value printed on the ticket. I am in.

I was 5 rows up about half-way back on the left side. With my dress clothes on, my normal spot on the floor wasn't going to be the best choice. But this was perfect. Nice calm spot to watch the show elevated off the floor. I can get my floor on in Denver for that perspective. And just as I took my seat, NIN began. Its good to be back.

My photos look like shit because the iPhone is so bad with the lights. And seriously, its just a show you have to see in person for yourself. The video seems to have come out better though. So here are some snippets just so you get a taste.

The show was on par with others I have seen. Maybe a bit less angst but still amazing. I can't wait to see them again in a few weeks. Nobody does it like Trent does it.

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October 18, 2013

PermalinkI C DC

Took a quick trip to DC for a conference. 2nd time to the city. Last time we drove in and drove out the same day. This time, I was staying at a plush hotel a couple block from the White House. Right in the center of things. We were mostly held up in the hotel doing stuff for the conference but I got out for at least one run down to the local sites. It was cool to be so close to everything. Lots of runners in DC in the after work hours. More than about anywhere I have ever seen. Just out jogging the city. Felt pretty much right at home. The government was back open so everything was back in business.


Obama was in. The flag was up. But no sighting. The White House is still oddly hidden in a ton of foliage. Bunch of Secret Service out and around the whole complex.


Random statue of a dude in front of the Treasury.


The further away objective was the Lincoln Memorial. I had to run down into the WWII Memorial then down along the reflection pond to get there. Tons of folks out just enjoying the scenery.




Apparently, the Washington Memorial got hit by a recent earthquake in the area and has huge chunks of concrete falling out of it. So its up for repair.


Spooky dudes at this memorial.


Started running out of time and couldn't make the haul all the way down to the Capitol. So a distance shot had to suffice. Needed to get back to the hotel for the show.


Our display for the evening.


Probably the most monuments-per-mile run I have ever done!

Had an evening event the next day at the Museum for Women in the Arts. In which I saw the work of this person. I am so not an art person. I have no clue or perspective. But for stuff that was painted, this stuff looked legit.


Everybody says we owe the Chinese all our debt. Well, they have a presence in DC as well...


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October 16, 2013

PermalinkDaily Diversion

I didn't tear up. That much.

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October 1, 2013

PermalinkAnd Now We Wait

Lottery season is kicking off. And the big daddy opened today, the Hardrock 100!


What the hardest 100? Well, this one according to my blog post years back. So why do it? Cause I am a bucket list kind of guy. This race is clearly that one. The way my friends like Tim talk about it at least. The odds are not great for getting in. There are only 35 slots TOTAL for runners that have never started the race. So that's my bucket. You get 2^N tickets per year you have tried so I am slowly gaining on the problem. I defeated the lottery for WS100 though. So there is a chance. Or my karma is spent.

Maybe you are wondering how I qualified with that DNF? Well, the window is 2 years and I finished WS100 and LT100 last summer and both are qualifiers. So I am good. If I don't get in, I will have to find a way to get another qualifier in summer of 2014 to stay in the hunt. That's part of the decision for the 2014 schedule.

So some Saturday in December, fate will decide the path for many runners including myself. Good luck to all! May you get in...after I do.

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September 28, 2013

PermalinkMore Smarter Dog

JT was making fun of my dog on The Facebook. I am pretty sure this makes my dog super more awesome than his dog. Maybe I should get a bumper sticker.



Kayla thinks he is great too! When he isn't chasing her around. But she is learning to smack him up side the head and say no. Starting to work.


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September 27, 2013

PermalinkDNF Proud

Sticker courtesy of Lucho.


I just assume that everyone is laughing while they drive behind me. I do have my 100.2 sticker in the other corner to counterbalance.

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September 26, 2013

PermalinkDaily Diversion

Today's 2 selections provided by Sydney.

This one has been playing in our house for about a month. Now, they were on Ellen last week I hear so they have clearly jumped the shark. But if you aren't into such things, you need to understand. You need to know what the fox says.

And this one was another one she has watched dozens of times. I appreciate that she likes the dry humor of it.

However, I keep telling them that this is the most brilliant one in a while...

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September 25, 2013


Dad, we want a puppy.

After the passing of our last dog in 2012, the kids were pretty set on not letting that get them down. The older dogs were said to not have played with the kids because they didn't grow up with the kids. Now they wanted a puppy of their own. I was not interested. Dogs are a lot of work. Enjoyed them while they were here but after its refreshing to not have to deal with the types of requirements dogs bring with them. I am such an old grump.

So they kept asking and I kept saying no and making excuses. Finally one day, they showed me some dog photos and I was boasting that those were wussie dogs. I liked my old dog's breed. To each their own but this is my own. Something medium, not a purse dog. Crap. They just cracked my armor.

Weeks later, Kim comes home with a flyer from the vet. A bunch of cute dogs needing homes! Turns out a private lady rescued a pregnant dog from a kill shelter in New Mexico. She birthed the pups and is now working through finding the whole family homes. There were three cute dogs on the photo. So Kim asks...can I call? I didn't say yes. But I didn't say no.

Next thing I know, we hear that the 3 dogs are already gone to good homes. But the lady has one more puppy that is 13 weeks old and is needing a home still. She is a really friendly lady and says she will drive the dog over later in the day for a test. So Kim tells the kids she has a friend coming over and gives them no information on what is going down.

The lady arrives with a scared dog in the car. He has never been in a car. Our kids think the lady's dog is cute. But Sydney starts getting a clue. The rest of the kids are confused. We take the dog in the backyard. First time he has been on grass as she lives on a farm. He is going nuts. Running around. Checking everything out. Gaining confidence after the car ride. He seems intrigued by the kids and loves to chase and jump on Kayla give their similar sizes. This causes panic as he pushes her to the ground and licks her to death. Oh great...now they won't keep it. Its going to kill Kayla. So Kayla retreats up onto the top of the swing set and monitors the whole thing and cheers on the dog as he does other things in the yard.

Everybody loves the dog so he is going to stay for a test. I know he isn't leaving but if he comes in and kills a cat, we might have a chance. Never know. So he is way interested in the cats and they beat him up quickly and he backs off a bit. The dog is nervous in our house and proceeds to pee on the slate floor a few times. Oh yeah, potty training! His cuteness distracts from all the issues and everybody loves him. So I think he is going to stay. I went into my office and dug into a drawer and pulled out 2 collars. One from Wyatt and one from Dakota. Still have green tags and all. I took them over and let the kids put one on the new dog. I guess it was time to transition. Took me a while to see it.

Welcome, Ozzy!









Momma, I'm comin' home...

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September 18, 2013

PermalinkAnother Leadville Video

This one has been going around so I finally watched it. Appears to be a Leadville race-centric version of the NB shoe video posted earlier in the year. Saw yours truly in it at 2:12, 2:22, 2:53, etc. with TK, Brooks, Clarkie, Zeke, Aish, and others. I love a good cameo!

Screen grab for posterity:


JV asked me today if I was going back. I said "yes". I just don't know when. The answers lies in when I fix the issues that plague me there.

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