Flagstaff Trail

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Distance 1.06 miles Time 1 hr 03 min Elevation Gain 1,008 feet I asked Sydney if she wanted to do a little hiking with the dogs today. Sure! So she comes down in her hiking clothes. What do you think? We left Reagan and Kim behind because Reagan walked 10 feet and started crying about how her feet hurt. The … Read More

Gregory Canyon

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The kids have been wanting to play in the snow. Well, last night the snow came. We got several inches. So on our final Christmas shopping trip, we were down in Boulder and decided to go over to Boulder Mountain Parks and get in a little snow time. The thermometer in the H2 showed between 2 and 4 degrees the … Read More

A New Kind Of Adventure

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Sydney loves to hunt for “treasure”. So we decided that we would use my new GPS that has a geocaching feature to start search for geocaches…I mean treasure! As it turns out, there is one by the park by our house. So before dinner, we went over there for a look. Sydney took the GPS and followed the arrow all … Read More